Commercial Pest Control Services 

With certified applicators in the categories of Pest Control, Termite, Lawn and Ornamental, Aquatic and Terrestrial Weed Control, we can effectively handle all of your commercial pest control needs. City Pest Control complies with all regulations and guidelines set forth by the TDA/Texas Structural Pest Control Services.

Our Process

With certified applicators in the categories of Pest Control, Termite, Lawn and Ornamental, Aquatic and Terrestrial Weed Control, we can effectively handle all of your commercial pest control needs. City Pest Control complies with all regulations and guidelines set forth by the TDA/Texas Structural Pest Control Services. We conduct an initial inspection, followed by recommendations and treatment to control your immediate pest problems. Our maintenance service is scheduled Monthly, Semi-Monthly or Bi-Monthly depending upon your needs

Services Frequencies to Fit Your Needs

  • Initial Inspection at no charge
  • Recommendations based on current needs with flexibility to modify programs as needed
  • Initial Cleanout
  • Semi-Monthly Service
  • Monthly Service
  • Bi-Monthly Service
  • Quarterly Service

Termite Control

What type of Subterranean commercial termite treatments will we perform?

Liquid Barrier Soil Treatment

This involves forming a pesticide barrier in the soil by drilling through masonry and/or trenching the exterior around your foundation walls and placing a liquid termiticide into the ground. An inspection will be made and a diagram of your structure will determine how we will form a continuous chemical barrier.

Borate Treatment of Wood

This application involves a water-soluble borate powder that will be directly applied as a liquid spray onto wood and cellulose materials. Depending on the moisture content of the materials, the liquid solution will penetrate to create a protective envelope, acting as a preservative, insecticide.

Pest Control

Bryan/College Station is home to a wide variety of insects, rodents and wildlife. However, if these pests come into your business, you may find yourself facing an unwanted infestation. When that happens, turn to City Pest Control to solve all of your pest needs!

Rodent Control

Similar to your Residential rodent control services, we offer commercial rodent control services. The biology and habits of rodents can make them difficult to control, and they present a serious menace to your business. City Pest Control rodent control services include the following:

  • Exterior bait stations
  • Interior monitoring and Trapping

Exclusion Services Using Proper Construction Techniques

Our exclusion involves the sealing of entry points around your home. While this is extremely important as part of an overall corrective strategy, it also prevents the reintroduction of nuisance wildlife, mice or rats. Rodents and wildlife are significantly reduced or eliminated from your home initially, but if conducive openings around your home continue to exist, it will simply be a matter of time before a new infestation occurs. Opening conducive to pest entry include: soffit or fascia board gaps, openings within foundation walls and gaps greater than ¼” underneath entry doors to name a few.

Based on customer request we offer complete remodel and repair construction services. This service ranges from capping chimneys to complete interior tear out and remodels. All construction services include on site surveys, written bids and customer satisfaction guarantees.

Urban Wildlife Management

The purpose of urban wildlife management is to establish a set of policies and guidelines for managing wildlife. Our urban wildlife management services include providing exclusion techniques to an area so we that we change the character and functionality of the of entry points. These changes significantly impact local habitats, so that a corresponding shift in wildlife populations occurs.

Catch and Release

City Pest Control offers catch and release services as a part of an urban wildlife management plan. We follow the laws as set by Texas Department of Fish and Game to ensure the best and most humane practices are used for our services.

Aquatic Vegetation Control /Terrestrial Weed Control

Aquatic Vegetation Control /Terrestrial Weed ControlCity Pest Control provides you with an array of choices that includes products, equipment, herbicides, lake dyes and algaecides that can assist in getting rid of nuisance aquatic plants. If your pond or lake is experiencing problems with floating, submerged or emergent weeds, sensible solutions are available.  We have an airboat the is equipped for shallow water treatment.

Verified Customer Reviews 

Craig Scofield

City Pest Control has always provided the Brazos Valley with great service.

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Dianna Dinorscia

Awesome pest control service!! Owner Mike Scofield is a genius ! He can get rid of any pesky pest you have. He can also tell u the name of any pesky pest you have. So if you want to get rid of ants or bats or creepy pests you have no idea what they are call CITY PEST CONTROL and your problems are solved. His technicians on staff are also great. What can I say ............. I LOVE CITY PEST CONTROL!! Thanks Mike!

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